The Austin Food Scene

In Austin, Texas, you get many different things, but one thing you are sure to get is great food. The local food scene here is more bizarre, local and sophisticated than any I have ever seen. Everything is local. Even the chains somehow find a way to achieve that local feeling in multiple locations as if they are the only location.

If you believe in great food, a fast-paced life, great views, and happy hours galore, you should move to Austin and experience this unique environment at least for a year. It will change your life.



Houston Happy Hour

Houston has become a great place to find a great deal. Check out and find out how to save nearly every time you eat out. Houston downtown has many restaurants to choose from and almost everyone has a happy hour. You can save big on drinks and food.

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Happy Hour in Austin

If you live in Austin then you know the value of a good deal at one of Austin’s many fabulous restaurants. Happy Hour in Austin has become a sensation with fabulous offerings from Kenichi, Malaga and Bar Chi to Red’s Porch, 219 West and so many more.

Kenichi is offering 50% off their entire bar menu during their happy hour. Red’s Porch has a happy hour that should not be overlooked with a huge number of discounted items.

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Pizza Bistro

I had the pleasure of eating at this little gem today. Although it is called Pizza Bistro, I had spaghetti and my daughter ate grilled cheese. Both really good.

Check it out, right off of Lake Austin Blvd. A rustic look with a lot of wood, a nice outdoor patio and a big menu with a lot to offer.

I give it a 4 out of 5.


Happy hour time in Austin

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Indianapolis restaurant coupons

Why is it fair that most restaurants have a fixed menu board and cannot transfer the increased costs of food to the customer instantly, but the distributor can. Distributors transfer increases in prices from manufacturers directly to the restaurants to which they supply food. This does not help the restaurant. The distributor and the restaurant should create a relationship that allows for more sharing of costs rather than only a decrease in the profit of the restaurant.

In order to accomplish this, the distributor would have to be willing to forego some of their profit in order to help a restaurant limit some of their losses from a drastic price increase.

Most restaurant owners do not understand the power of communication and negotiation. Taking a firm stand against a company with respect to costs associated with doing business, is important to ensure the survival of the restaurant. Without negotiation, without an understanding of where the costs are expected to be, without a relationship, surviving in the restaurant industry can be brutal.

Show them you mean business and let them make the decision on if they want to help. There are too many distributors to lose money with one that won’t help, when you can make money with one that does.